I am a #RedHead with family roots (back to the 1540s) in #NorthDevon which is where my soul lives no matter where I am.  I love writing & collect pencils.

I love the #sea especially the dramatic & rugged #NorthDevon / #NorthCornwall South West Coastal Path area where the #AtlanticOcean crashes in and where the world seems timeless. It where my soul is recharged and where I feel most relaxed. It is a special place … a place like no other …

I have a diverse range of interests including #SocialMediaMarketing, #Entrepreneurialism, #DataAnalytics, #FamilyHistory, #SocialHistory, #RuralBusinesses, #OrganicFarming, #AnimalWelfare, #Art, #Nature, #Wildlife, #Photography, #Writing #Gardening.

Data Storyteller

I am totally committed to my own continuing professional development and have dedicated my entire working life to becoming the best that I can be in my subject area. I started learning “all things Microsoft” and “all things data” and “all things visual” back in the late 1980s and haven’t stopped learning yet. I am a trainer, speaker, lecturer, quality assurer, mentor and coach. I use my combination of skills to bring out the best in the students with whom I engage, with the sole aim of helping them to become the best that they can become.  I am genuinely interested in the development of the students and use my coaching and mentoring skills as and when needed.  There is a significant need for digital skills in the UK workforce and it is therefore the responsibility of all universities to ensure that graduates are educated by educators who are themselves truly digitally-savvy and I endeavour to be a role-model by maintaining the highest professional standards.

University p/time Lecturer

I was a Visiting Lecturer for 5 years (covering various Undergraduate (UG) and Postgraduate (PG) units at three universities) as well as being an academic mentor for PG students.  I am currently a part-time Lecturer at Regent’s University London where I work 2.5 days a week which enables me to stay active in the academic community whilst self-funding my way through a 4 year p/time PhD at the University of South Wales.

I have many over-lapping areas of expertise and currently deliver commercial workshops and academic courses in the following areas: 

  • Digital Marketing Analytics
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Web Communities and Analytics
  • Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice
  • Global Family Business
  • Leadership & Management
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Business Ethics & Data Privacy
  • Visualising/Analysing Data using Excel
  • Visualising/Analysing Data using PowerBI

I am particularly proud that my efforts have been appreciated by both students and Programme Leads alike as exemplified by the extract from a reference, below.

“Kaye was engaged specifically to act as a coach/mentor to 1500 PG students across 5 Masters (Level 7) programmes.  Her record speaks for itself – 100% success and extremely satisfied learners.  She is one of a rare breed of people who can span both the commercial and the academic world with ease, and thus brings a very wide breadth of valuable perspectives in equal measure to both groups. 

In respect to professional values she is held in high esteem by colleagues, students and others in the wider academic community. She treats students as individuals and understands and respects the challenges of cultural diversity having taught in institutions where diversity is high. She continues to promote participation and equality of opportunity for all students again as witnessed by student feedback, in which she always scores well. She is fully aware of the wider contexts in which HE operates and contributes to the debate internally in the universities where she teaches and externally through the Academy of Marketing” (Sethna, 2016)

I love what I do and try to bring my enthusiasm for my subject(s) into every session. I constantly try to imagine what it’s like to be in the shoes of the students and I try to always be positive, inspiring, engaging and cheerful. Sometimes that’s a real challenge but I never give up trying to make real contact with the students and I constantly strive to see things through their eyes in the hope of making a difference to their lives. I don’t always succeed but I never give up trying.


“I have audited Kaye’s lectures and can testify to her qualities as a first class teacher and educator, and as a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (HEA) she has successfully engaged across all five areas of activity as stipulated by the HEA Professional Standards Framework.   Having sat in on her lectures and seminars, I found them to be of the highest standard, theoretically well grounded, professionally prepared and visually impactful. I have monitored her activities and have been impressed by Kaye’s academic skills and dedication to teaching and scholarship.” (Sethna, 2016)

Research / PhD

I have embarked upon a part-time PhD (Entrepreneurial Marketing) at the University of South Wales and am honoured that Professor Jonathan Deacon has agreed to be my Director of Studies.

The plan was to start the Literature Review in early 2017 and to transfer from MPhil stage (literature review and development of my own research topic area) within 2 years moving onto the PhD thereafter. During that time I will be seeking out opportunities to attend and speak at conferences and to publish in appropriate journals.

News:  I am very delighted to announce that yesterday (7th August 2019) I was successful at the MPhil Transfer VIVA (oral examination) at the University of South Wales which means that I can now move on to undertake my own research.

The anticipated contribution to knowledge will be to identify whether there is a ‘red-headed mindset’ (similar to or different from the ‘Entrepreneurial Mindset’) and whether that mindset pre-disposes red-heads to survive in business especially in tough times. There will be considerable focus on the use of digital marketing as a key part of the research. In addition, the PhD will also be an opportunity to use my data analytics skills and to push my own knowledge in this important area.

Feet firmly on the ground

I am enjoying my journey into ‘academia’ but I will never stray too far away from my roots working with businesses because I firmly believe in “walking the talk” and being a role model by actually sharing my experiences with students rather than just discussing theory with them.

I collect pens & pencils…and love Ceylon Tea…