Genius: Is there a ‘Genius Personality’?

      Genius: Is there a ‘Genius Personality’? I am currently reading 'Genius: A Very Short Introduction' by Andrew Robinson which I highly recommend. “As a concept genius is extremely subjective, but it is also highly intriguing and culturally important. Generally defined through individuals who demonstrate exceptional intellectual or creative powers, genius begs … Continue reading Genius: Is there a ‘Genius Personality’?


"Socrates is in many ways an exemplary figure, a figure which challenges, encourages, and inspires.  Again, virtually everyone whose business is teaching finds some affinity with the Socratic method of challenging the student to examine his or her beliefs, to revise them in the light of argument, and to arrive at answers through critical reflection … Continue reading Socrates

Behavioural Economics

What is Behavioural Economics? I am indebted to Professor Jonathan Deacon (my PhD Director of Studies at the University of South Wales) who first introduced me to the term “behavioural economics” because he knew that it would become an important aspect for me to consider.  I am also indebted to Professor Michelle Baddeley (University College … Continue reading Behavioural Economics

The Celts

(c) Professor Alice Roberts“Alice Roberts goes in search of the Celts and their treasures in a narrative history to accompanying a new BBC series. We know a lot about the Roman Empire. The Romans left monuments to their glories and written histories charting the exploits of their heroes. But there was another ancient people in … Continue reading The Celts

Red – A Natural History of the Redhead

(c) Jacky Collins Harvey “A captivating history of red hair through the ages, drawing on science, religion, politics, literature and art. Harvey uses her hair color as a lens to explore the history of mankind… A colorful take on human perceptions and beliefs. –New York Post   About the Author Jacky Colliss-Harvey is a writer … Continue reading Red – A Natural History of the Redhead

Herodotus: A Very Short Introduction

“The birth of history can be traced to fifth century BC Greece and its first product was Herodotus’s history of the Persian Wars. Both a critical thinker and a lively storyteller, Herodotus made this spellbinding work a compendium of everything that interested him.” (cover)   “Our roving reporter [Herodotus], a thinker and traveller of insatiable … Continue reading Herodotus: A Very Short Introduction

Are #RedHeads resilient & tenacious?

This is a reminder (to myself) of what I was thinking when I embarked on my PhD journey. I am particularly interested in whether being a #RedHead pre-disposes people to be resilient & tenacious and whether those character traits enable them to thrive and survive in business. There were so many questions milling about my … Continue reading Are #RedHeads resilient & tenacious?